The operation of pet shops was once very different than it is today. Skills and attitudes related to the care of small pets, aquariums and many others were in their infancy. The greatest shortcomings in the care of the species were found in terrarium animals.


The acronym EESP flashes in our writings and speeches here and there. The aim of the EESP, ie the Ethical Animal Trade Certificate System, is to develop the animal trade sector and the welfare of animals kept in animal shops, and to maintain the expertise of the staff. Only a really high quality business can earn this prestigious certificate. Currently, about 80% of certified pet stores are Faunatar.

Is it good for animals to be in our premises?

In short: yes. 

Our animal enclosures are species-specific, so in terms of size, stimulus and cleanliness, each animal is a favorite place to live. We know that the need for exercise is great, especially for herbivores, so we regularly run our largest animal houses, such as rabbits, on the floor of our animal rooms, or build a so-called a bunny or guinea pig with space for a small unit. Those of our stores where birds are kept prefer an accident, a flying cage, as a place where birds are kept, so that our winged friends can live an airy life while we are there. 

Our animals are fed and cared for individually every day - even on saints. The caretakers are the staff of the movement, the majority of whom have a professional degree in animal husbandry.

Who oversees that our animals are properly cared for?

Even before starting to operate, a person wishing to become an animal trader must make a written notification of the keeping of animals to the registry office of the regional administrative agency in his or her area. The local animal welfare authority will then inspect the premises where the animal is kept. 

Ongoing monitoring is carried out by the Finnish authorities, for example through regular, irregular inspections, which include a thorough review of animal-related records, holdings and care. In addition, Faunatar stores that have received the Ethical Animal Trade Certificate are committed to complying with even stricter regulations on animal care, from holdings to their product range and the sale of animals. 

And it should not be forgotten that pet shops are public spaces. Thus, it is easy for customers who shop in stores to draw their own conclusions about the model of keeping animals in the pet trade.

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