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FARM brand was created because we saw the need to offer simple, honest and healthy pet food for our furry friends. We believe that pets deserve the same quality food that us humans do and that is why we pay extra attention to our raw ingredients meaning we only manufacture pet food from human-grade ingredients. Every recipe that we offer is based on scientific research and suitable for various pet in different sizes, breeds and ages. 

Our production

Our Kostivere production complex is located 20 km away from Tallinn. The production set includes manufacturing rooms, several freezers, office and shipping container for our hydroponic farm. The main produce is various meat products mainly meant for dogs. Products selection varies from frozen meatballs to snacks to wet dog food.

Hydroponic gardening

We have a state of the art hydroponic plant production in Kostivere, where it is possible to produce various plants throughout the year. Our main production of microgreens goes to our stores to be freshly sold to homes all over Finland and some of the fresh products are being catered to our instore rabbits and other small animals.

Small & local

We highly value small producers and farmers, because they provide us the most high-quality raw ingredients to use in our production. We use human-grade meat for most of our food products. Keeping our raw produced local, is also important for us from the sustainability point of view.

Our values

Premium quality

We strongly believe that high-quality food is one of the main pillars of healthy and happy life. So we to provide that for pets too!

Ethical treatment of animals

Ethical treatment of animals is extremely important to us, which is why we try to educate our customers on animal care in every step of the way. 


 Our goal is to set up our business model in sustainable and long-lasting way. We work hard on reducing our carbon footprint in both our production and stores.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly improving our range of products and services to be the most innovative pet store out there. 


We have made continuous efforts to source our product ingredients as locally as possible, from smaller farms and from ethical producers. Using only local products is minimizes our global footprint as we are not contributing to pollution with unnecessary transportation fumes. We are carefully controlling our ingredients origins as we have adopted several standards that we have to meet in our products. One of them is also offering pet food products made only from human-grade quality ingredients.

Bioorganic certificate

We have several product lines that are certified with the EU's organic certification, for example some of our wet food for cats and dogs as well as some of our snacks. Organic food is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as human-made pesticides and fertilizers, and does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic certification mean that these products have fulfilled strict conditions on how they must be produced, processed, transported and stored.


In addition to the products themselves, packaging is one of the biggest part that we are constantly improving sustainability wise. As we can't really sell the products without packaging, the packages have a tremendous part in our carbon footprint. We are using only mono materials for our packaging to make them as easily recyclable as possible. Some of our packaging is also made out of recycled material and we are using paper and cardboard as much as possible. We continue to search for more innovative solutions in packaging wise.  

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